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  工作描述:因工作需要,由Andrew Teschendorff教授领导的计算系统基因组学研究组公开招聘计算生物学博士后,工作地点位于上海徐汇区岳阳路320号中科院-马普学会计算生物学伙伴研究所。本研究组在统计学、癌症和基因组学接口间进行前沿研究,特别关注统计癌症表观基因组学、单细胞分析和癌症系统生物学(详见http://www.picb.ac.cn/compsysg/或https://aeteschendorff-lab.github.io)。



  -- 计算/科学学科博士学位,最好是计算生物学、生物信息学、统计学、计算机科学、物理学或工程学。

  -- 拥有R、Bioconductor或python的编程经验。

  -- 良好的英语口语和书面表达能力。

  -- 出色的组织能力。

  -- 团队合作者。

  本启事自发布之日起招满为止,感兴趣的申请人请发送求职信和简历(必须是全英文)到Andrew Teschendorff教授的邮箱,地址:andrew@picb.ac.cn


  Job Advertisement: Postdoctoral Research Position in Computational Biology

  Job Description: An opportunity has arisen to join the Computational Systems Genomics Lab, headed by Prof Andrew Teschendorff, at the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai. The Computational Systems Genomics Lab carries out cutting-edge research at the interface between Statistics, Cancer and Genomics, with a special focus on Statistical Cancer Epigenomics, Single-Cell Analysis and Cancer Systems Biology (see  and  ).

  Salary is competitive and negotiable depending on experience. This is an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate or postgraduate to develop their academic career, to perform scientific research in Computational Biology, to publish high impact factor papers and to improve your communication skills in English.

  Essential Job Requirements:

  -- A PhD-level degree in a computational/scientific discipline, preferably Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics or Engineering.

  -- Programming experience in R, Bioconductor or Python.

  -- Good oral and written English.

  -- Excellent organizational skills.

  -- Team Player.

  The job is available with immediate effect. Interested applicants should send a brief cover letter and CV (all in English), to:

  Prof Andrew Teschendorff

  Email: andrew@picb.ac.cn